Tortugas Healthcare - About Us
Advisory & Capital Strategies

New York

Tortugas is a Strategic Business Advisory and Financial Structuring partnership.   We work with mid-sized to large cap companies in the healthcare space to assist in realizing their growth, while also optimizing capital objectives.  We take an active role with our client’s senior management to develop long term growth plans, operating plans and financial reviews and goals within capital planning.  The result is a road map to the next level of success. We can also provide key interim management roles through the implementation process.

Founded in 2006, Tortugas prides itself in being a partnerand trusted advisorto management.   The Tortugas team is made up of seasoned senior professionals with expertise in operations, financial advisory and capital markets.  
Sectors we cover include:

Ø Hospitals 
Ø Home and Specialized Care
Ø Technical Practices, such as imaging and urology
Ø Non-medical Healthcare services, such as Healthcare IT
Ø Medical Devices
Ø Durable Medical Goods and 
Ø Healthcare Plans    

Why Tortugas?

With considerable experience and expertise in healthcare management, financial planning,  as well as commercial and investment banking, we have a solid track record of advising growing, as well as established healthcare companies.  We can help you refocus your business.  This may include:

Ø     Review of existing operations and analysis of key operating metrics;    

 Interim management, including CEO, CFO, and Chief Marketing Officer, as well as
Ø     Financial analysis, valuations and M&A support.

Why the turtle?

In the wild, sea turtles routinely surpass 80 years of age.  Some have been known to live for over 200 years if they are smart and a little bit lucky.  We've only been around since 2006.  However, we plan on being smart and hopefully have some luck ourselves.